Dental bleaching or tooth whitening is a simple procedure which uses safe chemicals to lighten the shade of your teeth.Tooth colour varies between individuals and at different ages – teeth can gradually darken naturally over time. Tooth colour is influenced by a person’s genetic make up and by any surface stains or deposits in or on the teeth. If teeth are discoloured due to external stains or deposits they will need to be cleaned before tooth whitening is undertaken.

We offer both the ‘in surgery blue light whitening’ and the ‘home whitening’ procedures. A course of treatment takes a variable number of days or weeks and results vary depending on the initial darkness of the teeth, the concentration of the gel used and the frequency of application. All of the whitening applications we use are non invasive to the tooth tissue so will not harm the teeth.

Since 2012 teeth whitening can only be legally carried out by trained dental professionals.