How long is the current waiting list at Valley Dentalcare?

At present, there is no waiting list at Valley Dentalcare, we are actively recruiting new NHS and Private patients to join us.

Do I have to pay for treatment?

Payment is required unless you are entitled to an exemption. Below are a list of exemption criteria;

  • under the age of 18,
  • under the age of 19 and in full time education,
  • currently pregnant, or have given birth within the a year,
  • income based job seekers allowance (NOT contribution based)
  • receive tax credit with an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate/Card
  • receive income support,
  • receive income based job seekers allowance,
  • receive pension credit.

If you are unsure, please check with the relevant Government department or click on the ‘BSA Help’ link below.

There is now a £100 fine for incorrect claiming made by the BSA. If you need more information please visit their information page on:

BSA Help

How much will treatment cost?


If you pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges. The amount you pay depends on the treatment you might need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. All charges apply to an overall course of treatment, and not the individual items within the course of treatment. We collect these charges for the NHS and they require you to pay for all treatment bands at the START of your treatment.

You will only pay one charge for each course of treatment – even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. However, sometimes if you do not attend for a period of time, your treatment plan needs to be closed which will result in further work generating a new treatment band fee.

Band 1 course of treatment – £22.70

This covers an examination, diagnosis (eg: x-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, and a scale. Urgent treatment when you need to see a dentist immediately also falls under Band 1 treatment charges.

Band 2 course of treatment £62.10

This covers everything listed in Band 1, above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth.

Band 3 course of treatment £269.30

This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures or bridges.

Choice of Private Treatment

The NHS provides all treatment necessary to maintain your oral health. There are some treatments that are not normally available under the NHS, and you may choose to have these provided privatelyto enhance treatment planning. A full estimate and treatment plan will be given to you in writing before treatment commences.

Are there any payment plans available?

A deposit will be required at the first visit. Payments however can be made in stages as treatment progresses. A deposit will be required at the first visit, but all fees due should be paid in full prior to the last appointment. A financial plan may be available depending on the length and cost of the treatment.

How can treatment be paid for?

Treatment can be paid for using cash, cheque and all major debit and credit cards, except American Express.

What are the opening hours?

Valley Dentalcare is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Further details can be found at the “Contact Us” page.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

Children should be registered with a dentist as soon as they begin teething at around 6 months of age. Even if no treatment is carried out, important information can be given to aid your child’s dental development.

Your Data and GDPR regulations

Privacy Notice; Valley Dentalcare for Patient Data.

This Privacy Notice is a shortened form of our Privacy Policy and any patient who wishes to have a copy of our full Policy should request this at reception.

Valley Dentalcare takes great care to protect the personal data we hold for you in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The purpose of collecting and storing personal data about you is to ensure we can: • Provide, appropriate, safe and effective dental care, treatment and advice for you • Fulfil any contracts we hold in relation to your care • For business administration of your care.

Personal data held for our patients The personal data we process (processing includes obtaining the information, using it, storing it, securing it, disclosing it, and destroying it) for you may include: • Name, address, date of birth • Unique identification number • Next of kin • Email address • Phone numbers • GP contact details • Occupation • Medical history • Dental records • Photographs • Family group • Payment plan details • Financial information • Credit cards receipts • Correspondence • Details of any complaints received We keep an inventory of personal data we hold on our patients and this is available on request.

Disclosure to third parties The information we collect, and store will not be disclosed to anyone who does not need to see it. We will share your personal information with third parties when required by law or to enable us to deliver a service to you or where we have another legitimate reason for doing so. Third parties we may share your personal information with may include: • Regulatory authorities such as the General Dental Council or the Care Quality Commission • NHS Local Authorities • Dental payment plan administrators • Insurance companies • Loss assessors • Fraud prevention agencies • In the event of a possible sale of the practice at some time in the future. We may also share personal information where we consider it to be in a patient’s best interest or if we have reason to believe an individual may be at risk of harm or abuse.

Personal privacy rights Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the following personal privacy rights in relation to the information we hold about you. You have a right to: • Access to and copies of your records. • Have inaccuracies deleted. • Have information about you erased. This should be seen in light of the need to keep records about your dental care in case you have any problems in the future. • Object to direct marketing. • Restrict the processing of your information, including automated decision-making. • Take your data to another dental practice or anywhere else. Patients who wish to have inaccuracies deleted or to have information erased must speak to the dentist who provided or provides their care.

Legal basis for processing data held about patients The GDPR requires us to state the legal basis upon which we process all personal data for our patients and it requires us to inform you of the legal basis on which we process your personal data.

The legal basis on which we process personal information for our private patients is to comply with law or statutory requirement e.g. GDC standards.

The legal basis on which we process personal information for our payment plan patients is to comply with the law and in order to enter a contract agreement.

The legal basis on which we process personal information for our NHS patients is to comply with the law or statutory requirements e.g. NHS regulations.

Automated decision making You will be asked to opt in to any processes involving automated decision making. This includes:

Consent Valley Dentalcare will always obtain specific; opt in consent from you for direct marketing information. If you are a new patient, we will obtain consent when you first attend the practice. If you are an existing patient, we will obtain consent when you attend for your recall appointment or for a treatment appointment.

Withdrawal of consent After you have given your opt in consent you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Retention period This practice retains dental records and orthodontic study models while you are a patient of our practice and after you cease to be a patient, for at least eleven years, or for children until age 25, whichever is the longer.

Complaints You have a right to complain about how we process your personal data. All complaints concerning personal data should be made in person or in writing to Sheila Roberts. All complaints will be dealt with in line with the practice complaints policy and procedures.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner if you are of the opinion that your rights have been infringed.

Transferring personal data outside the EU Your personal data is not transferred outside the EU.

This Privacy Notice was reviewed and implemented on: 20/5/19

It will be reviewed annually and is due for review on: 20/5/20 or prior to this date in accordance with new guidance or legislative changes.